to begin.


as wicked storms rolled into spring park bay tyler, mike and i would plop a 6 ft sunfish into the angry, angry waters. our knowledge of sailing was nonexistent, and our ignorance made us fearless. 3 high school kids were beyond capacity for this mighty boat. and when the gale force winds got the better of our overzealous heeling, we'd capsize.

stretch, stretch to save our fallen crewman, scramble on the belly of the boat, and then heave all our weight on the keel to flip the beast back over.

soaked and with furious gray clouds above, we sailed onward, only to repeat this joyful turmoil.

ooh the beginning.

the answer to a legit experience on the ocean sea comes from a 35 ft ketch named cappella. she's on her way home to sweden. as of 2.17.11 mats, the 45 yr. old captain, is awaiting my arrival in st. vincent & the grenadines.

the following gnarnia is an attempt to document the journey from the southern caribbean and beyond.

i am no writer, i've never sailed in salt water, i haven't journaled in years, i have no idea what to do when i return home…but…i just bought my first pair of shorts in like 10 years…so…

these entires are meant for myself and anyone remotely interested.

this is.

The Valinor Collective

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i think i can.

what would 'the little engine that could' be listening to as he climbed that grueling, relentless mountain?

most likely the following...

while staying in switzerland with a girl tyler and i met amidst moving about, The Album Leaf was unknowingly put on my ipod by her friend. I found it there while on a train traveling south. now forever this music takes me back to the rolling hills. with the release of their third album, i was reminded of how effin super they are. adorned with dreamy, inspirational melodies with a backbone of a delicate, complex drum tracks their songs will make you close your eyes during homework time or they will nestle themselves calmly in the back of your head as you diligently poke around on your ipad.

wait for the strings....oh the strings.

The Album Leaf - Until The Last

yes, that is who you think it is singing.
The Album Leaf - Over The Pond

leave it to Van to take me to Scandinavia. no doubt my fav artist, and no doubt will we hear from him again on The Valinor Collective.

wait for the piano....oh the piano

Van Morrison - Scandinavia

i fell out of the whole underground hip hop thing a couple years ago. but i came across this track and was like, word. i could do without Mobb Deep's back track, but its gnar sampling by Emancipator makes up for it all.

wait for the sampling of Jonsi.....oh the sampling of Jonsi

Emancipator Masup(Sigur Ros vs. Mobb Deep) - Shook

now, if that 'little engine' was chuggin and strugglin like 5-8 years ago? he'd pop in a pair of earbuds into that billowing smoke stack of his and get down on a lil Broken Social Scene. you think electronic music makes some madd buildups and then drops? It's All Gonna Break is as dynamic as anything tiesto gets down on. and with Broken Social Scene dropping in a couple weeks(if you BUY your tunes), i smell inevitable freshies.

wait for those horns....oh the horns.

Broken Social Scene - It's All Gonna Break

Broken Social Scene - Pitter Patter Goes My Heart

da whistle go.. wooo

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