to begin.


as wicked storms rolled into spring park bay tyler, mike and i would plop a 6 ft sunfish into the angry, angry waters. our knowledge of sailing was nonexistent, and our ignorance made us fearless. 3 high school kids were beyond capacity for this mighty boat. and when the gale force winds got the better of our overzealous heeling, we'd capsize.

stretch, stretch to save our fallen crewman, scramble on the belly of the boat, and then heave all our weight on the keel to flip the beast back over.

soaked and with furious gray clouds above, we sailed onward, only to repeat this joyful turmoil.

ooh the beginning.

the answer to a legit experience on the ocean sea comes from a 35 ft ketch named cappella. she's on her way home to sweden. as of 2.17.11 mats, the 45 yr. old captain, is awaiting my arrival in st. vincent & the grenadines.

the following gnarnia is an attempt to document the journey from the southern caribbean and beyond.

i am no writer, i've never sailed in salt water, i haven't journaled in years, i have no idea what to do when i return home…but…i just bought my first pair of shorts in like 10 years…so…

these entires are meant for myself and anyone remotely interested.

this is.

The Valinor Collective

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

meltage vol. 1

it's about time to share the freshies, the meltage, the dripp initiators, the shiz that'll tear halters off and bust off buttons.
it's electro, crunchy, synthy, heavy, 8-bity, party, blissy, vibey, glitchy, dubby, robotic, goodies.

this is the meltage vol. 1

at age 18 Unicorn Kid is doing something right. he started producing at age 15 and now is making a name for himself with an 8-bit, dub/glitch style thats supah fresh. heres his single and a dope remix of a Gorillaz track. grab your controller.

Unicorn Kid - Dream Catcher

Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish(Unicorn Kid Remix)

let the keys lead you to some gnarballz. yet another electro duo. follow them.

Visitor - Los Feeling(Monsieur Adi Remix)

Mille is a swedish electro producer that i came across maybe 6 months ago. he must be all about N64 or SNES because these two tracks feel like you're crusin' USA for eternity.

Mille - Ghost Dancer

Mille - Crysteena

yet another youngen is tearing it up as of late and he goes by the name Muffin. yes, this little baked good is throwin it down at age 19 and taking you on a electro-rollerskating tour down Beach Rd.

Muffin - Beach Rd.

LCD Soundsystem will be dropping their alleged 'last album' ever this may, and yes, they are going out guns a blazin'. here is the opening track to their album This is Happening entitled Dance Yrself Clean. it may not begin with the qualities expected from something worthy of this post...its a patient. just wait for the remixes to start rollin out.

LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean

oh and a gnar mashup for good measure is always tight.
Deadmau5 vs. LCD Soundsystem - Soma Friends (French Government Boot)

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